279 “Come Unto Me.” | Christ In Song Hymnal

279 “Come Unto Me.” | Christ In Song Hymnal
279 “Come Unto Me.” | Christ In Song Hymnal

279 “Come Unto Me.”

O heart bowed down with sorrow! O eyes that long for sight!
There’s gladness in the believing; In Jesus there is light.

“Come unto me,….. all ye ………… that labor,
(Come, O come, come unto me,)
(Come, O come, all ye that labor;) and … are heavy laden, and I …… will give you rest ………
(Come, O come, heavy laden souls,)
( I .. will give you rest)
Take … my yoke upon you, and learn ….of me ……
(Come, O, come, come, take my yoke,)
(Come, O come, come learn of me;)
for I . Am meek and lowly in heart;
And ye shall find rest unto your souls.
(I am meek and lowly in heart;)

Earth’s fleeting gain and pleasure, Can never satisfy;
‘Tis love our joy doth measure, For love can never die.

Divinest consolation, Doth Christ the Healer give;
Art thou in condemnation? Repent, believe, and live.

His peace is like a river, His love is like a song;
His yoke’s a burden never; ‘Tis easy all the way.

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