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159 How Much I Need Thee. | Christ In Song Hymnal


159 How Much I Need Thee.

Blessed Lord, how much I need thee!
Weak and sinful, poor and blind;
Take my trembling hand and lead me,
Strength and sight in thee I find.

Ev’ry hour, ev’ry hour, Blessed Lord,
How much I need thee!
Ev’ry hour, ev’ry hour,
Saviour, keep me ev’ry hour.

Clothe me with thy robe of meekness,
Stained with sin this robe of mine;
Teach first to feel my weakness,
Then to plead for strength divine.

Safe am I if thou dost guide me,
Trusting self how soon I fall;
Walk life’s rugged way beside me,
Thou, my light, my life, my all.

Then what e’er the future bringeth,
Smiles of joy or tears of grief;
Still to thee my spirit clingeth,
Thou art still my soul’s relief.

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