165 I Love Thee. | Christ In Song Hymnal


165 I Love Thee.

I love thee, I love thee, I love thee my Lord;
I love thee my Saviour, I love thee my God.
I love thee, I love thee, and that thou dost know;
But how much I love thee, my actions will show.

I’m happy, I’m happy, O, wondrous account!
My joys are immortal, I stand on the mount!
I gaze on my treasure and long to be there,
With Jesus and angels, and kindred so dear.

O Jesus, my Saviour, with thee I am blest,
My life and salvation my joy and my rest,
Thy love be my story, thy name be my song;
Thy grace shall inspire both my heart and my Tongue.

O, who’s like my Saviour? He’s Salem’s bright King;
He smiles, and he loves me and helps me sing.
I’ll praise him with notes loud and clear,
While rivers of pleasure my spirit do cheer.

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