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38 Stand On The Rock | Christ In Song Hymnal


38 Stand On The Rock

Firmly stand for God, in the world’s mad strife
Tho’ the bleak winds roar, and the waves beat high;
‘Tis the Rock alone giveth strength and life,
When the hosts of sin are high.

Let us stand on the Rock,
Firmly stand on the Rock,
On the Rock of Christ alone;
If the strife we endure,
We shall stand secure,
‘Mid the throng who surrounds the Throne.

Firmly stand for Right, with a motive pure,
With a true heart bold, and a faith e’er strong;
‘Tis the Rock alone giveth triumph sure,
O’er the world’s array of wrong.

Firmly stand for Truth, it will serve you best,
Tho’ it waiteth long, it is sure at last;
‘Tis the Rock alone giveth peace and rest,
When the storms of life are past.

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