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91 Watch, For The Time Is Short.

Watch, for the time is short;
Watch while ‘tis called today;
Watch lest the world prevail;
Watch, Christian, watch and pray;
Watch, for the flesh is weak;
Watch, for the foe is strong;
Watch lest the Bridegroom come;
Watch, though he tarry long

O watch and pray, O watch and pray;
O watch in the darkness,
and watch is the day;
Christian, watch and pray.

Chase slumber from thine eyes,
Chase doubting from thy breast;
Thine is the promised prize,
Of heaven’s eternal rest;
Watch, Christian, watch and pray;
Thy Saviour watched for thee,
Till from his brow there poured,
Great drops of agony.

Take Jesus for thy trust;
Watch while the foe is near;
Gird well the armor on;
Watch till thy Lord appear,
Now when thy sun is up,
Make thou no more delay,
In this accepted time, Watch,
Christian, watch and pray.

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