204 Welcome! Wonderer, Come! | Christ In Song Hymnal


204 Welcome! Wonderer, Come!

In the land of strangers,
Whither thou art gone,
Hear a far voice calling,
“My son! My son!”

‘Welcome! Wand’rer, welcome!
Welcome back to home!
Thou hast wandered far away;
Come home! Come home!’

“From the land of hunger,
Fainting, famished, lone,
Come to love and gladness,
My son, my son!

“Leave the haunts of riot,
Wasted, woe-be-gone,
Sick at heart and weary,
My son! My son!

“See the door still open!
Thou art still my own;
Eyes of love are on thee,
My son! My son!

“Far off thou hast wandered;
Wilt thou farther roam?
Come and all is pardoned,
My son! My son!

“See the well-spread table,
Unforgotten one!
Here is rest and plenty,
My son! My son!

“Thou art friendless, homeless,
Hopeless, and undone;
Mine is love unchanging,
My son! My son!

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