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147 Draw Me Closer To Thee. | Christ In Song Hymnal


147 Draw Me Closer To Thee.

Closer to thee, my Father, draw me,
I long for thine embrace;
Closer within thine arms enfold me,
I seek a resting place.

Clos…………………….er with the cords of love
loser, closer, with the cords of love)
Draw ………………….. me to thyself above,
(Draw me, draw me, to thyself above)
Clos…………… er draw me, To thyself above.
(Closer with the cords of love, “Draw me to thyself above,”)

Closer to thee, my Saviour, draw me,
Nor let me leave thee more.
Fain would I feel thine arms around me,
And count my wand’rings o’er.

Closer by thy sweet Spirit draw me,
Till I am all like thee;
Quicken, refine, and wash and cleanse me,
Till I am pure and free.

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