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131 More Like Jesus.

More like Jesus would I be;
Let my Saviour dwell with me,
Fill my soul with peace and love,
Make me gentle as a dove;
More like Jesus while I go,
Pilgrim in this world below;
Poor in Spirit would I be,
Let My Saviour dwell in me.

If he hears the raven’s cry;
If his ever watchful eye,
Marks the sparrows when they fall,
Surely he will hear my call;
He will teach me how to live,
All my simple thoughts forgive;
Pure in heart I still would be,
Let my Saviour dwell in me.

More like Jesus when I pray,
More like Jesus day by day;
May I rest me by his side,
When the tranquil waters glide;
Born of Him, through grace renewed,
By his love my will subdued,
Rich in faith I still would be,
Let my Saviour dwell in me,

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