141 Wholly Thine. | Christ In Song Hymnal


141 Wholly Thine.

I would be, dear Saviour, wholly Thine;
Teach me how, teach me how;
I would do thy will, O Lord, not mine,
Help me, help me now.

Wholly thine, ……. Wholly thine,
(O Lord) (O Lord)
Wholly thine this is my vow,
Wholly thine, ……. Wholly thine,
(O Lord) (O Lord)
Wholly thine O Lord just now.

What is worldly pleasure, wealth or fame,
Without thee, without thee?
I will leave them all for thy dear name,
This my wealth shall be.

As I cast earth’s transient joys behind,
Come thou near, come thou near;
In thy presence all in all I find,
‘Tis my comfort here.

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