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54 One Thing I Know Of The Lord

One thing I of the Lord desire, For all my paths have miry been,
Be it by water or by fire, O make me clean, O make me clean

So wash me Thou——– without, within,
(Wash me, Thou, without, within)
Or purge with fire, ——— If that must be,
(Or purge with fire, If that must be)
No matter how, ———- if only sin.
(Any how if only sin)
Die out in me, die out in me. (die out in me)

If clearer visions Thou impart, Grateful and glad my soul shall be,
But yet to have a purer heart, Is more to me, Is more to me.

Yes, only as this heart is clean, May larger vision yet be mine,
For mirrored in Thy life are seen, The things divine, The things divine

I watch to shun the miry way, And snatch the springs of guilty thot’, But watch and struggle as I may, Pure I am not, Pure I am not.

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